Aged under 40? Help stop Covid-19 In Greater Manchester

Closed 30 Aug 2020

Opened 20 Aug 2020


The NHS in Greater Manchester and its partners are working hard to stop Covid-19 and its impacts.

It is particularly interested in how the virus is affecting people aged under 40.

Preventing the spread of coronavirus is all of our responsibility, and if we all do our bit we can help to keep each other safe. 

We are currently developing a plan to help us inform people about what they need to be doing to help stop the spread and why they need to be doing it. We want to ensure that the views of people aged under 40 are taken into account so that the plan achieves its aims. 

The following survey is to gather the views of people aged under 40 in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak. 


  • General public
  • Young people
  • Schools, colleges and universities


  • Combined Authority
  • Equalities
  • Young people