Moorland Public Space Protection Order

Closed 5 Aug 2019

Opened 8 Jul 2019


In an effort to prevent a repetition of last summer’s moorland fires, Tameside Council and Oldham Council are proposing to introduce a public space protection order (PSPO).

The PSPO, if adopted, would prohibit activities within the boundaries of the PSPO which have been identified as carrying a significant risk of causing wildfires, such as lighting a barbecue, building or lighting any kind of fire, and lighting fireworks or having Chinese lanterns carrying an open flame.

To contravene any of these regulations would be a criminal rather than a civil offence. Penalties would range from a £100 fine to £1,000 (following a summons).

During last year’s fire, which broke out on June 24, around 4,500 acres of land were destroyed and many farm animals were killed. Additionally, 150 residents were evacuated and the smoke affected air quality across the north west of England. 


  • General public


  • Fire safety