GM Tech Fund - Does your school or college need support?

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Closes 31 Dec 2021

School and College requirements

1. Name of school or college
2. School or college local authority area
3. Name and email address

This should be the person who will be acting as the key point of contact 

4. How many young people do you estimate are without a device and/or connectivity?

Please provide your best estimate of how many students within your school or college are without a device and/or connectivity. Please then provide a breakdown by year group(s) where possible.

5. What type of equipment do you need?

Of the options you have selected above, please state how many and any specifications. i.e. 50 Chromebooks

6. Are you able to accept refurbished devices?

These would be wiped of data and made safe and secure for the students to use by Business in the Community.

7. Would any of your students benefit from the support of learning coaches to help students access their learning online
8. Please let us know any other relevant information that might be useful to us