Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service - Programme for Change

Closed 31 May 2019

Opened 29 Mar 2019


Programme for Change represents a major transformation programme for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service with the aim of ensuring the Service has the right resources in the right places, is well-equipped, well-managed, and well-led.

There is a recognised need for GMFRS to modernise, and there has been ongoing work for some years to develop the Service to ensure that it is in line with today’s risks. The new governance arrangements and the election of a Mayor in 2017, who has responsibility for the fire service, has acted as a catalyst to drive this need for transformation forward.

The Business Case for Programme for Change sets out in detail the challenges faced by GMFRS and our proposals for how the Service might look in the future.

This consultation is the public's opportunity to contribute their views on some of the content of the business case, including -

  • Our proposal to consolidate six fire stations into three brand new, state-of-the-art community fire stations in Bolton, Manchester and Stockport
  • Our proposal to manage our fleet of fire engines, whilst ensuring that we still have a response time that is faster than the national average

Fire Response times: Government analysis of national fire response times, April 2017 to March 2018 showed the national average response time to primary fires was 8 mins, 45 seconds. The average response time in “predominantly urban areas” was 7 mins, 39 seconds. GMFRS average response time (using Home Office measurement) was 7 mins, 14 seconds.

Why We Are Consulting

Simply - the current model is not sustainable and we need to change and we want to involve the people in the process.

We have had ten years of austerity.  The net budget requirement in 2009/10 was £115.402m and in 2018/19 is £96.942 which is a difference of £18.46m. This works out over £2 million reduction per year.

We are determined to develop a Service that is both fit for the future and fit to serve the communities of Greater Manchester. At the same time, by 2022 we need to make efficiency savings of £12.8 million.

Alongside talking to the public about some of our proposals, staff from across the organisation are being engaged in the plans through a separate consultation process, around some of the more specific staffing proposals.


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  • Combined Authority