Destination: Bee Network Conversation

Closed 12 Nov 2021

Opened 11 Oct 2021


The Bee Network is our vision for an integrated transport system which will join together buses, trams, cycling and walking by 2024, with rail incorporated by 2030, to transform how people travel in Greater Manchester.  

Through Destination: Bee Network we will be talking to you the people of Greater Manchester, to ask your opinions, show you the direction in which we are heading and help build the network based on your wants and needs.

Our hope, is that designing and delivering public transport as one system with local control and accountability, using the Bee, a long respected regional emblem, to represent the promise of a high-quality, inclusive transport experience. 

Accessible, affordable and easy to use, with a daily fare cap and single multi-modal ticket, the Bee Network will support seamless end-to-end journeys. 

Why your views matter

By getting involved in the Destination: Bee Network Conversation, you can help bring the vision to life based on what's most important to you. Topics include what you'd expect the Bee Network values and standards to be, how safe you feel travelling on the network, the GM bus of the future, and whether you'd like to see dogs and bikes on trams.

You can also visit the Destination: Bee Network bus on its tour of GM throughout October and November. Further information can be found below which lets you know where we'll be and when, please drop by to see the bus and have a chat with our friendly staff.



  • Anyone from any background


  • Transport