Manchester’s Gay Village - What it means to those who use it

Closed 13 Mar 2020

Opened 21 Feb 2020


Manchester City Council has commissioned a review of Manchester’s Gay Village to fully understand what the area means to local people, visitors and businesses, and to inform how the Gay Village can be protected and enhanced in the future.

As a celebrated and unique part of the city centre, this is a listening exercise to provide an updated understanding of the importance of the Gay Village as a safe space for the city’s LGBTQ+ community.
Hatch, an independent Manchester-based socio-economic consultancy, has been commissioned to consult and engage with local people, businesses and organisations in the coming months. Listening and gathering views to understand what is important for the local community, how the local environment could be improved, and what opportunities there might be to enhance the area.


  • General public


  • Equalities