How do you use local data?

Closed 11 Jan 2021

Opened 23 Nov 2020


Greater Manchester Combined Authority is looking at the use of open data in the city region as part of our Local Data Review.

Open data is information that can be used, re-used and redistributed by anyone. This information is usually non-personal, such as planning applications or organisational performance information.

It can be in any manner of formats such as:

  • charts
  • documents
  • images
  • lists
  • spreadsheets
  • tables

You might actually use open data without realising it – for example, by viewing recent COVID figures.

If you live or work in Greater Manchester want to know whether you use open data, how you use it, and your thoughts about open data.

Knowing what local data is used will help us to make better decisions on what data to open across our region.

It will also help us to think about how we can best support people in accessing and using our data.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to do.

“We want the people of Greater Manchester to feel empowered and have their lives bettered by the opportunities that digital provides.” – Cllr Sean Fielding, GMCA Lead for Employment, Skills and Digital.


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