GM Frontline Practitioners Survey 2021: GM Standing Together Police and Crime Plan Refresh

Closed 14 Nov 2021

Opened 15 Oct 2021



The Greater Manchester Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime are developing a refreshed ‘Standing Together’ Police and Crime Plan (PCP) for the Greater Manchester region, to be published before the end of 2021.

‘Standing Together’ goes beyond policing and crime in its ambitions and approach as part of public sector reform - it feeds into the Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) as the overarching strategic document for the whole of the combined authority.

 The police and crime plan drives the delivery of priority 8 in the GM Strategy: ‘Safe and Strong Communities’

The GMS is owned and adopted by the public, private and VCSE sectors GM wide. The current GMS ‘Our People, Our Place’ was launched in 2017, and was due to be refreshed in 2020, but was paused due to the pandemic.

Instead, a one-year plan ‘Living with Covid’ was launched in September 2020. One of its priorities was to respond to the inequalities exacerbated and highlighted by the pandemic. This survey asks you to consider policing and crime as it exists now, in the current context so we can ‘build back better’ together.

Greater Manchester is slightly different to other places as it also undertakes the role of Police and Crime Commissioner and is responsible for the Fire and Rescue Service. The Mayor works with the Deputy Mayor (Baroness Beverley Hughes) to carry out these roles and delegates much of these responsibilities to her. The role of the Deputy Mayor includes holding the Chief Constable to account and setting Greater Manchester Policing Priorities and budget.

You have received this survey because you have been identified as someone involved in direct frontline service delivery who can help GMCA identify community priorities, what currently works well and what needs to change in order to shape the plan.

We would like your help to explore how to implement what’s needed to benefit the lives of Greater Manchester residents and their communities and so we can best ensure Greater Manchester keeps on ‘Doing Things Differently’.

Why your views matter

This survey is being targeted at a range of roles and organisations (Police, Local Authority, Fire, NHS, housing providers, Criminal Justice System partners, VCSEs and other stakeholders). As such, the survey may ask questions that do not directly relate to your role. Please only answer those elements of the survey where your role gives you sufficient insight and experience to provide an informed view.

Questions invite you to think about the area in which you work. This survey is particularly interested in perspectives that can build a sense of place and so, whilst we are not prescriptive in defining the terms ‘neighbourhood’ and ‘community’, we are particularly keen to receive views that provide a local picture for geographical areas within boroughs.

Where views pertain to frontline work across the borough in which you work, please make that clear in your submission.

This survey is only being distributed to Frontline Practitioners. It is not a survey of the general public. Public consultation will be undertaken as part of the broader process to refresh the PCP, and the draft PCP itself will be the subject of a separate consultation.

Please feel free to submit evidence / case studies that you think we should know about or that help demonstrate your answers. However, please ensure you anonymise any information so that individuals cannot be identified.

Finally, we really appreciate how busy you are – please feel free to complete as much or as little as you can!


  • Businesses
  • Community, voluntary sector and social enterprises
  • Public sector partners


  • Violent crime
  • Substance misuse
  • Police budget
  • Victims and witnesses of crime
  • Young people
  • Community cohesion