Greater Manchester Hate Crime Plan

Closes 8 Dec 2019

Hate incidents and hate crime in Greater Manchester

A hate incident is any incident that is targeted at someone as a result of prejudice or hostility based on disability, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation or belonging to a sub-culture, for example being a goth.

When a hate incident becomes a criminal offence, it is then known as a hate crime. These acts can involve verbal and online abuse, physical attacks, criminal damage, and many more offences.

In Greater Manchester, we monitor six areas of hate incidents and hate crime. These are:

  • Alternative sub-cultures or lifestyles
  • Disability
  • Gender identity
  • Race
  • Religion or beliefs
  • Sexual orientation

The Law Commission is currently reviewing the characteristics that are protected by hate crime legislation. They are considering whether hate against women and girls should be added. Some other areas in the UK already recognise hate against women and girls as a hate crime.

Do you think we should monitor hate against women and girls in Greater Manchester?
Do you think we should monitor any others?