Doing Buses Differently - proposed franchising scheme for Greater Manchester

Closed 8 Jan 2020

Opened 14 Oct 2019

Results updated 16 Dec 2020

In total 8,516 people and organisations, including campaign response, across Greater Manchester and beyond took part in the public consultation on the proposed franchising scheme that ran from 14 October 2019 to 8 January 2020. TfGM and independent research agency Ipsos MORI have reviewed, analysed and summarised all responses to the consultation in two reports. Ipsos MORI have which also analysed the responses of focus groups of public transport users, non-users, residents and businesses.    

The consultation was monitored by the Consultation Institute, who determined it had met the statutory requirements for best practice. This is the Consultation Institute's highest level of accreditation and means that every area of the consultation was delivered to a high standard.

In June 2020, GMCA noted the results of the consultation and asked TfGM to consider  in a Report what impact the Covid-19 pandemic may have on the bus market and the proposed franchising scheme before any final decision is made.

The Covid Impact Report has been published and GMCA is now consulting on the proposed franchising scheme in the light of the findings of the report.

You can find out more information and take part in the consultation at

The consultation runs until Friday 29 January 2021.


Greater Manchester is the first city-region to consult on a proposed bus franchising scheme.


Buses are vital for Greater Manchester. They’re used for three-out-of-four public transport journeys and thousands of us depend on them to get to work, the shops or services like our local GP.

But bus use is falling. 

Currently in Greater Manchester, individual bus operators decide their own routes, timetables, tickets and standards. In areas they don’t run, the public sector pays to fill in the gaps in the market where it can.

It’s hard to make our buses work together, or with other kinds of public transport, and the fares and tickets available can be confusing.

Buses can be improved and Greater Manchester now has a chance to do buses differently.

We are proposing a franchising scheme for the whole of Greater Manchester.

This would mean that bus services would be under Greater Manchester’s control and they would decide which services would be provided - like the way buses are run in London and some other major cities around the world. We would set the routes, timetables, tickets and standards, while the bus operators would run the services. 

This would allow buses to work better with the rest of our public transport – as part of Our Network– Greater Manchester’s vision for a joined-up transport system.

We are now consulting on the proposed franchising scheme so you can share your views.

Why we are consulting


The consultation is about how we think buses in Greater Manchester should be run in the future and whether the proposed franchising scheme should be introduced. The consultation questions are about the proposed franchising scheme, which is how we propose bus franchising would work in practice.

What happens next

This consultation closed on Wednesday 8 January at 11:59pm.

Ipsos MORI is analysing the responses and developing a consultation feedback report, which will be published alongside the GMCA’s response to the consultation.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester will then make a decision as to whether to introduce the proposed scheme. This is currently expected to take place in early 2020.


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