Trafford residents! You and your mixed recycling bin

Closed 1 Mar 2021

Opened 3 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 14 May 2021

We asked

We asked Trafford residents their views on a joint Recycle for Greater Manchester and Trafford council plastics campaign called ‘Got to Be A Bottle’. The aim of this survey was to see if people had seen the campaign leaflet, sticker, or advertisements, and whether seeing the information had changed their behaviour when it came to plastic recycling in their black mixed recycling bin.

The survey also aimed to find out where people would usually go for information if they were unsure of what could or could not be recycled.

Respondents were asked about:

  • Which bin they would put various items in
  • If they had seen any recycling information in the last 12 months
  • Whether the Got To Be A Bottle leaflet, sticker and adverts had changed their behaviour
  • Where they look for recycling information if they are unsure of how to recycle something
  • If they had any other comments about recycling in their black bin
  • How they found out about the survey

You said

We received 336 responses to this consultation.

Recycling in your bin

Over 90% of respondents showed us that they were already recycling correctly in their blue paper and card bin, black mixed recycling bin and green food and garden bin.

However, tissues seemed to cause some confusion as 24% of respondents were putting used tissues into their blue paper and card bin instead of their general waste bin.

The overall results suggest that those who completed the survey where aware of which types of plastic could and could not be recycled in their black mixed recycling bin.

Recycling information

Within the last 12 months 48% of respondents had seen a recycling information bin sticker, 42% had seen information on a leaflet and 27% could remember that they had seen information on social media channels.

Got to Be A Bottle campaign

Only 5% recalled the recycling Got to Be A Bottle campaign bus stop advertisement, however 14% did remember receiving the recycling campaign leaflet and agreed that it changed their recycling habits. 16% recall seeing the campaign bin sticker and felt that it helped them improve their recycling.

Most respondents who used the opportunity to tell us about recycling in Trafford commented on plastics recycling, for example:

‘You should be allowed plastics that have same pet symbols on trays that is same as plastic bottles or on plastic that say it can be "recycle" on label.’

‘Would like to be able to recycle plastic tubs and trays’

We did

We have passed on the results of the survey to Trafford Council

Trafford Council will use the results of the survey to help inform and improve future waste and recycling campaigns, promotions, and engagement. They will continue to use social media, bin stickers and leaflets to support their recycling campaigns. They will also be working with Recycle for Greater Manchester to increase the influence of their recycling messages through social media live events, as respondents are looking for recycling information on social media platforms. 

Trafford Council have recognised that the issue of plastic recycling is of interest to many residents, and to make sure that residents get up to date information about how plastics are recycled and processed they have linked the Council’s website directly to Recycle for Greater Manchester’s website. This website provides users with an explanation of why we only accept plastic bottles and what happens to other plastic items that are put into general waste bins.

To find out about plastic waste and recycling please visit What happens to my plastic?

As a direct result of the survey Trafford Council have improved the waste and recycling pages on their website to ensure that it is clearer to a wider range of users.

To view their updated pages please visit Bins and Recycling in Trafford

Published responses

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Trafford residents! Are you using your black mixed recycling bin?

Trafford has one of the best recycling rates in Greater Manchester, however there are still some things that we could do even better. The One Trafford Partnership and Recycle for Greater Manchester carried out a recycling campaign last year, and now we would like to know how effective it has been.

Your feedback will be used to help us improve, and shape future recycling campaigns.




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