Employer Integration Board Application Form

Closed 26 Oct 2023

Opened 26 Sep 2023


This application form is an opportunity for you, on behalf of your business, to apply to become an Employer Integration Lead and join the Employer Integration Board. This is a key part of the Mayor's ambition for Greater Manchester to become an integrated technical education city region. More information is available below or on the GMCA website.

You can find out more about this ambition on the integrated technical education city region webpages on the GMCA website.

You can find out more about the employer boards on the employer boards page on the GMCA website.


Seven Employer Integration Leads will be appointed from the network of 60+ organisations, who support Greater Manchester’s ambitions to become an aligned technical education city region and galvanise industry to commit to action.

Selecting the Employer Integration Leads from the business community is a critical part of the process for turning the ambition into reality. The Leads will help drive an inclusive economy, building the capability of their own sectors, ensuring that employers have the workforce they need for future success. One Employer Integration Lead will be appointed from each of our sector gateways.


Once selected in each sector, the 7 Employer Integration Leads will form the Employer Integration Board, which will use data/intelligence from each sector, provide senior strategic input, and the approach to addressing barriers appropriate in the Gateway Sectors. In the first instance, their work will focus on mobilising other employer supporters, via the Supporters Action Network, to overcome barriers to:

  1. Raise the number of placements for T-levels and apprenticeships.
  2. Support curriculum relevance based on a GM agreed view of skills challenges in the Gateway areas – potentially leading to provision development.
  3. Spearhead the advocacy of the benefits of technical skills and qualifications as a solution to the skills challenges.
  4. Articulate the barriers and opportunities to achieving growth and provision change within the system, creating recommendations for GM’s Joint Oversight Board (JOB).


Employer Integration Leads should be able to demonstrate:

  • The capacity to give insight into issues affecting entrepreneurs, small business and enterprise in Greater Manchester, drawing on their own personal experience, but also looking beyond it to consider what actions and policies will work best to make GM the best place to work, live and invest.
  • Credibility in their respective fields and the ability to work constructively with others to support the Mayor’s ambitions through free and frank exchange of views.
  • An ability to inspire the confidence of the business community and the general public, and their public statements and actions should be compatible with the values of the Office of the GM Mayor.
  • Insight into current and emerging skills needs across the sector from an operational perspective, and ability to read and analyse data & intelligence.
  • An ability to set aside personal and business interests to act on behalf of the whole sector and work collaboratively with GMCA and other panel members to reach consensus on recommendations and decisions.

Your privacy and data

We will use the information you provide on this form solely for the purposes of administering your application to become an Employer Integration Lead. By submitting this form, you consent to us using your information in this way. Your information will only be shared with the relevant third parties who are on the panel for this application process. These are the GM Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Manchester Business Board.

We will retain your data for only as long as it takes us to administer this application process. If you change your mind and wish to withdraw your consent to this process after you have submitted the form, please email GMintegratedteched@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk.

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For further information about how the GMCA handles your personal data and your rights under the Data Protection Legislation, please see our Privacy Notice on our website.


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