Fostering Unfiltered campaign review

Closed 7 Apr 2024

Opened 15 Mar 2024


Fostering Unfiltered is a GMCA campaign with a clear ambition to inspire more people in Greater Manchester, from all walks of life, to become foster carers and provide loving and stable homes to children across the city-region. The campaign embraces the realities of fostering with refreshing honesty and reflects the real lives of existing foster carers by sharing their everyday experiences and challenges, with the aim to encourage more residents to come forward and foster for their local authority.

The campaign has been live 9 months now and we want your views on the effectiveness of our campaign materials, so we can shape and amend the campaign ensuring it’s success.

Why your views matter

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never considered fostering before, we want to make sure we get the opinions of as many Greater Manchester residents as possible. We want to get your opinions of:

  • The Fostering Unfiltered campaign materials
  • The Fostering Unfiltered website

We will then use the findings of this survey to help shape the next phase of the Fostering Unfiltered campaign.


  • General public
  • Young people
  • Businesses
  • Community, voluntary sector and social enterprises
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Academics
  • Public sector partners


  • Equalities
  • Young people