Developing a Health and Justice Strategy for Greater Manchester

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Closes 31 Oct 2019

A vision for health and justice

Our vision for health and justice in Greater Manchester is to address health problems and build resilience of victims and offenders. We think that doing this will reduce reoffending and prevent crime from happening in the first place. We aim to stop people from entering the criminal justice system and achieve better outcomes for everyone that has.

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There are many reasons why people become involved in the criminal justice system, whether they are an offender or a victim. These reasons are often rooted in people’s physical or mental health. For example, people are much more likely to be a victim and/or an offender if they have:

  • Complex and traumatic personal histories and relationships, which may include abuse and exploitation
  • Enduring mental health and/or substance misuse issues
  • Learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders or communication disorders

We think that focussing on health and social care needs in a criminal justice context has the potential to:

  • Increase identification of, and support for, people affected by domestic violence or abuse
  • Improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of offenders or victims of crime
  • Reduce the risk of vulnerable people becoming victims of crime
  • Address underlying health issues of offenders or those at risk of offending
  • Reduce offending
1. Overall, do you agree with our vision?
2. Why do you think this?
3. Do you think there's anything we've missed?