Vision Zero Strategy

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Closes 10 Mar 2024

Travel Choices

1. To help us understand your responses, please indicate in what capacity you are completing this survey (choose one)
2. What area are you answering for? (Please answer for one district at a time for where you live, work or travel. You can submit more than one survey if you want to answer for more than one area.)
3. In the district you’ve selected, how often do you use the following forms of transport?
4. What would encourage you to travel more actively (walk, wheel, cycle, etc.).
There is a limit of 200 characters
5. Please select your top three priorities related to improving road safety in the district you have selected.

Examples of road safety priorities

  • Safe road junctions- For example at pedestrian crossings, side roads, roundabouts, crossroads, T-Junctions, Y-Junctions.
  • Suitable punishment for dangerous driving- The maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving is life imprisonment, after a change in sentencing guidelines in 2022. As it stands, this has not yet been given.
  • Safety of public transportContact numbers at bus/tram stops and on buses/trams.
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour- Including behaviours such as; street racing, street cruising, noise pollution, performing stunts and tricks, riding unlicensed powered vehicles.
  • Reducing speedsThis could be an unsafe speed for the conditions, as well as driving over the speed limit. 
  • Supporting walking and cycling- For example; training, access to dedicated cycle lanes etc.
6. Please give any other comments you many have in relation to improving road safety.
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