The impact of gambling in Greater Manchester

Closed 17 Sep 2023

Opened 10 Aug 2023


We are finding out what people who live, work and study in Greater Manchester think about gambling, and the impact that gambling may have on them or the residents they are working with.

The survey has 15 questions and should take around 10 minutes to complete, although you do not have to answer every question in the survey – we want to capture the information that is relevant to you.

We are asking some information about you, such as the sector you work in or whether you have been directly affected by gambling addiction or related harms. This is so we can look for patterns in the data, but none of the information you give today will be able to identify you and your personal data will not be shared with anyone. There will be no follow up on any answers that you give today. 

Some questions will allow you the opportunity to type your own response. Please make sure that your answers do not contain any personally identifiable information about yourself or any other individuals as these answers may then be subject to data protection legislation. For further information, download the GMCA Privacy Note.

Thank you for taking part. You are helping to shape the work across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Why your views matter

Your views and priorities matter. We will use your responses to this survey to help shape our work to prevent and reduce gambling related harms across Greater Manchester. Some of the feedback you give us here will be used to inform our response to Government on their proposals to change how gambling is regulated.


  • Anyone from any background


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