Mayoral Development Corporation - Regenerating Stockport's Town Centre West

Closes 10 Mar 2019

What do you think?

The images in the dropdown box below give an early indication of how the masterplan might re-imagine the area as a mixed use urban village.

These maps are in the early conceptual phase to give you an ideas of our ambition for the area.

Maps of each of the five areas outlined -

1. Developing a Mayoral Development Corporation

Stockport’s Town Centre West has the potential to be a new urban village providing up to 3,000 homes with complementary mixed use development and the social infrastructure required to support a significant increase in the residential population.

We believe that only an MDC would have the necessary powers and resources to achieve the transformational change required.

Do you agree that a Mayoral Development Corporation would be the best way to drive forward long-term regeneration for Stockport’s Town Centre West? 

2. Leading regeneration, to improve the whole of Stockport

The future of our town centres is a vitally important issue – and one that is growing in importance due to the changing nature of town centre retail.

We believe that creating an MDC for the Town Centre West area would bring forward development so that Stockport Town Centre as a whole has the right balance of residents, jobs, open space and amenity, and infrastructure that it will need for the future.

Do you agree that the creation of a Mayoral Development Corporation for the Town Centre West area, to lead regeneration would help support and improve Stockport Town Centre as a whole?

3. The area of Stockport's Town Centre West

Stockport’s Town Centre West area is approximately 130 acres and broadly covers the area between the A6, the motorway and river Mersey, Shaw Heath / King Street West, and the area between Wood Street and Chestergate.

The area purposely does not include the existing communities in Edgeley or Hollywood Park which are already thriving residential areas.

Do you agree that the boundary is appropriate?

4. The Mayoral Development Corporation in Stockport

A suitable name must be proposed as part of any formal decision to create an MDC. 

What do you think of ‘Stockport Town Centre West Mayoral Development Corporation’ as a name for this MDC?

5. Power over planning and business rates

Under legislation the Mayor may decide that an MDC would exercise certain planning powers in its area and powers in relation to granting discretionary non-domestic rate relief to business.

The Greater Manchester MDC model proposes that any MDC would not have planning functions nor an ability discretionary rate relief to business and those functions would remain with Stockport Council.

Do you agree that any MDC should not have planning functions nor functions in relation to granting discretionary rate relief?

6. Do you have any other comments about the regeneration of Stockport's Town Centre West through a Mayoral Development Corporation?