Parent and carer offer survey

Closes 7 Oct 2022


Greater Manchester’s Violence Reduction Unit wants to better understand the needs of parents and carers who are concerned about their children potentially being affected by crime, exploitation, risk of violence and anti-social behaviour.  We are interested in hearing about the kinds of ihelp you might need, why you might be looking for this, and how you would want to access it.  We would appreciate you completing the following questions, based on your own experiences and feelings. 

When answering the questions in this survey, please remember to not use the names, addresses, or other personal information of yourself or anyone else.  The names of organisations, companies and services can be used.

What do we mean by crime, exploitation, risk of violence and anti-social behaviour?

There are many things you migt be concerned about in relation to a child or young person in your care.  This survey is focused on anything related to:

crime - concern that they are involved in some way in committing crimes, or having crimes committed against them, regardless of how serious you think those crimes might be;

exploitation - concern that they might be at risk of or being targeted by people to do things that they don't want to, because they are being threatened, or given gifts or money in exchange, or owe someone money.  

risk of violence - concern that they might be at risk of committing or being a victim of any form of violence, in any setting.  This could include any concerns you have about a young person carrying a weapon, or being around other people you think may be carrying weapons;

anti-social behaviour - concern that they might be perceived as, or are, behaving in a way that causes a nuisance or is inconsiderate to others, potentially causing other people harm or distress (such as hanging out in large groups or making excessive noise)