Greater Manchester Community Wealth Hub: Part 2

Closed 5 Aug 2022

Opened 15 Jul 2022


In March 2022, GMCA launched a co-design process to create a Community Wealth Hub for Greater Manchester.

So far, we have been listening to the views of a range of stakeholders, hosted a call for ideas on this platform and held a large stakeholder workshop in June 2022.

This consultation provides stakeholders with a further opportunity to shape the co-design of a Community Wealth Hub in Greater Manchester, supporting co-operatives, mutuals, social enterprises and employee-owned businesses in the city-region. It will share the feedback that we received in the June workshop and ask for your thoughts on the ideas and suggestions around the following questions:

  1. What should be the purpose of the Hub?
  2. What impacts should the hub aim to create?
  3. What should be the key functions of the Hub?
  4. What should be the Hub’s operating model?

You can also download a report which summarises all of the feedback that we have received at the bottom of this page

A note on terminology: In the workshop, it was agreed that the term “social business” would be used to refer to the diverse range of social enterprises, co-operatives, employee-owned and other businesses that the Hub is intended to support, so as to make conversations as easy and accessible as possible to all those attending. The key point is that GM is looking to support business behaviours that generate wider social value – not support any one governance model.


  • Businesses
  • Community, voluntary sector and social enterprises


  • Equalities
  • Economy
  • Investment
  • Co-operatives